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Employees work more productively, when documents and information they need, simply find and use.

Xerox services in the field of electronic imaging (translation of documents into electronic form) to help increase employee productivity due to the transition from traditional paper-oriented business processes to be more effective, based on electronic documents or images. Digitizing and providing access to contracts, bills, personal affairs, books and other documents and information can automate and monitor the dissemination of information within an organization. There is no more loss of documents. No need to spend much time on the formation of collections. In many cases, even no need to store paper source. This is an ideal solution for companies whose business is based on documents and information contained in them.

The experience of Xerox, industrial technology organization works and use the methodology of quality assurance (Lean Six Sigma) provide the ability to transfer in an electronic form of hundreds of thousands of documents per month with a quality level close to 100%.

Processing of documents can be performed at the Customer and in Xerox by experts and the infrastructure of the company Xerox.

Possible applications include:

  • Translation of library collections in electronic form.A Component is the largest and most complex of the Extension types.
  • Translation files (financial, engineering, personnel, etc.) into electronic form;
  • Translation of documents operational use (application and attached documents, bills, invoices, payment orders, acts of reconciliation, invoices, etc.) into electronic form;


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